The Open Drupal curriculum is a fully open source curriculum built by industry experts which outlines a set of knowledge and skills that underpin becoming an expert in web development and Drupal. It consists of several units which will each have aims, outcomes and assessment criteria.

This curriculum has been used as the basis for an official government-backed UK apprenticeship qualification, equivalent to a UK foundation degree.

The lessons and foundation course available through are designed to be used to teach (or self-learn) this curriculum in full.

The Open Drupal Curriculum

The Open Drupal curriculum units.

Backend Development

Aim: Full development cycle, including custom functionality, backend development


  • How to build a Drupal module
  • Debugging and development processes (IDE, toolchain, coding standards, documentation)
  • Implementing core Drupal concepts programmatically (Pages, blocks, fields, entities)
  • Using tools to access a database, query and update a database


  • Basic PHP as a prerequisite (Teach programming before drupal module dev?)
  • Code Academy/Online Course Modules (Completed before this module starts)

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Frontend Development

Aim: Be able to understand, work with and make updates to the frontend layer of Drupal.


  • Have gone through a full frontend design and implementation process
  • Use modern frontend tools to make updates to websites (CSS / Sass / JS / jQuery / TWIG)
  • Implementing design requirements
  • Build a Drupal theme from scratch


  • CSS best practices, accessibility & responsiveness

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Site Building

Aim: Be able to architect and implement a site plan using contributed modules and Drupal core.


  • Be able to assess contributed modules for suitability for a project using a wide range of criteria.
  • Understand how the issue queues and module versions work.
  • Install and configure several contrib modules including: Views, Display Suite, Context, CKEditor, Rules, Media, Date, Webform.

@todo - Complete writing content for this unit, see this issue