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An open curriculum of Drupal course materials.

Course leaders: You have the Drupal knowledge, we have the materials.

Attendees: Quality materials that will help you to learn Drupal.

What is Open Drupal?

The Open Drupal materials are made for guided learning, such as in-person courses or teaching your colleague Drupal. The materials may therefore not be suitable for self study. We suggest to find an experienced Drupal user via your local Drupal community who can use the Open Drupal materials to teach you Drupal.

Created by Drupal experts

The Open Drupal materials are created by Drupal experts and teachers. Years of practical experience and community best practices are bundled in each of the courses.

Ready to use

Course materials are assembled with ease of use in mind. Both by the teacher and the attendees. Where applicable a course includes set-up instruction, required code and assets. Step by step instructions are accompanied with code of completed exercises.

Our materials

The Open Drupal Curriculum consists of course materials to learn the various disciplines in working with Drupal.

Our materials contain everything you need to run a course; slides, exercises, example code and instructions or materials to set-up a course environment.


Open Drupal materials, such as slides and exercises, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license (CC BY-SA 4.0). You are free to share and adapt these materials.

Any included software packages, such as Drupal and JavaScript packages, are licenced under their respective license. Example code developed for Drupal (e.g. modules, themes, profiles) inherit the Drupal license.


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