A History of the Project


Open Drupal was originally started in April when Agile Collective took on their first Drupal Apprentice, Maria, and decided to open source their efforts. They created a prototype in Google Docs.

In December, Hedley Smith from Agile Collective was joined by Crispin Read, James Lefrere, Sheena Morris and others to review the materials, from which they came up with many ideas. To begin with, they decided to work on OpenDrupal Foundation, which contained resources on what could be learnt in a 2 week initial period for those new to Drupal.


In February, during The Drupal Apprenticeship scheme pre-apprenticeship in London, Hedley Smith from Agile Collective was joined by Crispin Read with assistance from Chandeep Khosa, James Lefrere and other Drupal community members to build upon these materials. During this time they developed the GitHub organisation and repositories, Drupal.org group and started on the website.

In March, Hedley and Crispin gave a talk at DrupalCamp London.

In June and July, Crispin & Chandeep gave talks on Open Drupal at DrupalCamp Yorkshire & North East.

In September, at DrupalCon Amsterdam, Crispin & Chandeep held a BoF session on Open Drupal & Drupal Apprenticeships.

At the end of the year, Hedley wrote a blog post summarising the work done so far and what he hoped could be achieved. “We hope that in doing this we’ll help the overall developer ecosystem in Drupal, bringing in local talent and helping fill the skills gap. There’s a lot more to do, and as all our materials will be open source, who knows where this could go!”

2015, 2016



In September, Crispin gave a talk Drupal Apprenticeships at DrupalCon Vienna.


In March, Erik Stielstra visited DrupalCamp London from The Netherlands, where he met Crispin and expressed an interest in sharing his commercial materials into it that he’d developed while working at Wizzlern.

In November, Crispin & Erik Stielstra changed the content on GitHub to bring that back to life. They archived old content and Erik added a lot of new content which is mainly his contributions from Wizzlern.

Later that month, Erik also gave a talk at DrupalCamp Belgium titled Open Source Drupal Training.




Open Drupal materials, such as slides and exercises, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license (CC BY-SA 4.0). You are free to share and adapt these materials.

Any included software packages, such as Drupal and JavaScript packages, are licenced under their respective license. Example code developed for Drupal (e.g. modules, themes, profiles) inherit the Drupal license.


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