Drupal Architecture

Combine Drupal core and contributed modules to build a Drupal website. Learn to apply frequently used patterns and strategies to create the high level architecture of a Drupal website.



The Open Drupal Drupal Architecture course will teach you strategies for building a Drupal site, how to select popular modules and how to combine them.

The Drupal Architecture course

This course is designed to be used in dialog with your Drupal team. You will provide a project on which this course will

focus, preferably one that has just been started. The course will give the Drupal developers insights on how to

structure this site, which modules to choose and how to leverage them. At the end this course, the project will of course not be completed, but some major architectural decisions will have been made.

Target audience

The course is primarily aimed at Drupal site builders and backend developers. But also information architects and project leads involved with Drupal, will benefit from this course.

Starting level

Attendees have at least half a year experience with Drupal as site builder or have followed a Drupal Fundamentals course.

End level

After participating in this course you can setup a Drupal site according to best practices and you will be familiar with popular Drupal modules used for site architecture.

Afterwards you can answer questions like:

The lessons

This course is broken down in the lessons listed below. The total course will take up to 2 days of 6 hours each.

The subjects covered in this course will depend on the project this courses will focus on. The subjects below are only an indication of the possibilities.

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Required facilities


This course is designed to be used as a dialog between the trainer and team of Drupal developers. As participant you (or your organisation) will provide a project on which this course will focus.

The ideal timing for this project is at the start of a project. When the project has already progressed, the insights gain during this course may lead to refactoring of already build sections.

Prepare as participant

To participate in this course, your team or organisation must provide a project this course will focus on. Some criteria for the provided project:

As participant you should familiarize yourself with this project, the purpose of the project, the scope and the designs.

Prepare as trainer

Familiarize yourself with this project, the purpose of the project, the scope and the designs. Distinguish the major architectural parts of this project, the possible solutions and Drupal modules that can be used for that. What are the technical risks and how to approach these.

If the project requires architectural patterns that are not covered in the course materials, please create slides for this and share them by creating a pull request.


Open Drupal materials, such as slides and exercises, are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license (CC BY-SA 4.0). You are free to share and adapt these materials.

Any included software packages, such as Drupal and JavaScript packages, are licenced under their respective license. Example code developed for Drupal (e.g. modules, themes, profiles) inherit the Drupal license.


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